SOMI a brand-new off-site facility


Subaru of Mississauga is pleased to announce the addition of a brand-new off-site facility, located just minutes from the original space. This expanded space will help boost operational capacity and create an even better overall service experience.


More Capacity, Less Wait

With the addition of the second facility, you can now expect faster, more convenient appointment scheduling. We’ve nearly doubled our overall vehicle service capacity and added more staff, measures that are designed to handle more service inquiries and appointments, while reducing wait times for appointment dates, maintenance and repairs.


Your Local Store – Now with More Storage

Subaru of Mississauga is now better able to serve its growing community with a larger indoor vehicle inventory, an expanded parts inventory and increased storage for tires, all in a secure, climate-controlled facility. These enhancements help to bring the service experience to an entirely new level.


Helping to Serve in Innovative Ways

We continue to invest in the latest technology to keep vehicle service as fast, efficient and professional as possible. From the simplest tire change to the most detailed vehicle diagnostics test, we have the tools and the training needed to ensure a top-notch service experience, from wheels up to wheels in motion.


What benefits can I expect from the Subaru of Mississauga expansion and enhancements?
You can expect an even better service experience overall, including reduced appointment date wait times, more available appointment times and more staff to serve you and service your Subaru. Also, our facilities have more state-of-the-art equipment for enhanced capability and accuracy, as well as additional on-site parts and tire storage. These enhancements are designed to reduce wait times and get you back on the road quicker.
The majority of our quicker service packages, such as tire change-overs, will be performed at the original Subaru of Mississauga location. To serve you more efficiently, your vehicle may be transferred temporarily to the off-site facility for major services and repair work. Once work has been completed, your vehicle will be promptly returned to Subaru of Mississauga's original location for pickup. This added service capacity will get you back on the road much quicker.
In general, turnaround time should be faster. It’s important to note that the new facility is dedicated to more detailed service requests, so those jobs typically take longer in duration to fulfill. However, no additional delays are expected due to the location of the service centre. The new facility is just 3 km from the original space, which is equivalent to the length of our post-service road test. Under our new service process, this test will be conducted when we deliver your vehicle from the new facility to the original space.
For your convenience, all vehicles will still be checked-in following the same process we followed previously, at the original Subaru of Mississauga location on Mavis Road.

Mavis Location Future Enhancements to Serve You Better

As we look forward to elevating the service experience in the future—and adding a more personal touch along the way—we are planning to move forward with the following enhancements:


More available customer parking


Increased vehicle service reception capacity with two drive-thru lanes

Service Advisors

Service Advisors conveniently re-located beside the vehicle drive-thru lanes

vehicle drop-off and pick-up areas

More comfortable and covered vehicle drop-off and pick-up areas

An expanded customer lounge including children’s play area

An expanded customer lounge including children’s play area

Additional complimentary service

Additional complimentary service touches using state-of-the-art technology, including alignment check, tire tread depth check, vehicle footwell vacuuming and floor mat washing.