Service Check-in Process

  • When you arrive at Subaru of Mississauga, find an open parking spot, preferably one that’s not right next to another vehicle
  • Please turn off your vehicle’s HVAC system and Fan.
  • Lock your vehicle, bringing the key with you (separate your Subaru key from any others) and enter the Main Reception vestibule.
  • In the vestibule, a Service Assistant, will meet you to check you in.
  • For electronic keys, your key will be placed in an envelope, for others your Subaru key will be disinfected.
  • For a Contactless visit, the Service Assistant will hand your keys to one of our Service Consultants, whom will call your mobile number to walk through your appointment details and to make communication arrangement’s and your paperwork.
  • For a Contact Visit – you may enter the Service Reception area and speak directly to one of the Service Consultants regarding the details of your appointment. (You can choose to wear a mask and disenfect your hands.)
  • If you do wish to wait, we have some seating outside and  seating in our Customer Lounge. For your safety and the safety of others, our customer lounge amenities are not available at this time. (Coffee, tea, water , newspapers etc.)

Please Note: Our Loaner vehicles now available on a limited basis, by appointment only.

The Shuttle Service is available!