Environmental Initiatives


Subaru of Mississauga is an automotive dealership located in the Municipality of Mississauga, Ontario, which sells and services Subaru vehicles, parts and accessories.

Subaru of Mississauga is a committed corporate citizen dedicated to protecting the earth’s natural resources, the local and national environment and human health. This commitment extends further than just meeting the stated environmental laws and regulations; it encompasses the integration of sound environmental practices in all of our business decisions. Specifically, Subaru of Mississauga is committed to:

  • Complying with all environmental laws, regulations and other requirements related to
    our business activities.
  • Implementing effective pollution prevention systems that protect our air, water and land.
  • Implementing effective improvement activities related to energy, waste and water reduction.
  • Establishing a corporate-wide program to reduce, re-use and recycle in all areas of
    our corporation.
  • Implementing a culture of continual improvement as it relates to all business activities
    that have an impact on the environment.

Based on this environmental policy, Subaru of Mississauga reaffirms its commitment to being a proactive automotive dealership regarding its environmental responsibilities.


EMS & Subaru Of Mississauga…..

What Does This Mean?

EMS is the short form for Environmental Management System .

Prior to starting our EMS system we performed the following:

  • Recycled used oil, coolant, wooden skids, cardboard, batteries and tires.
  • Recycled some plastics & scrap metals.

Now we do this:

  • Recycle All Tires
  • Recycle All Used Oil
  • Recycle All Used Coolant
  • Recycle All Plastics where possible.
  • Recycle All Used Batteries
  • Recycle All Scrap Metals.
  • Recycle ALL Photocopier and Printer Cartridges.
  • Using environmentally friendly chemical cleaner for our shop floor. (Citrus based vs. toxic based)
    Installed a brake lathe air filtration system.
  • In the customer reception area we installed a dishwasher, fridge and ceramic coffee mugs to reduce the amount of paper coffee cups and plastic coffee creamer packages going to landfill. (They are not recyclable)
  • Installed storage pallets for all bulk chemicals storage in case of a spill.
  • All of our lights are now LED and Fluorescent-resulting in less electricity use.
  • We set yearly objectives and targets for environmental initiatives: reducing our use of electricity, natural gas and water.
  • Reduced by 95% the amount of garbage going to landfill by increasing recycling (to 85%) and in conjunction with a local waste processor, we are now incinerating our garbage for electrical regeneration.
  • Implemented a spill control plan as it relates to our bulk oil deliveries and used oil/coolant pick up.