Accident? What to do….

In case of an accident: When you need the services of a quality body shop after an accident, or vandalism, insured motorists have a couple of commonly asked questions:

  • Never admit blame
  • Obtain names of witness('s)
  • Gather facts
  • Cooperate with the other part
  • Take notes of the accident
  • Go to a collision reporting centre

Can I choose the Bodyshop?

Yes. Select the repair shop and notify your Insurance Company or Agent.
Always remember, by law, no matter what the insurance companies say, you as the customer always have the right to choose your own repair facility.

Whom is responsible for repairs?

The Auto Body Shop. Select the repair shop that has professionally trained technicians and state-of-the-art facilities to restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

We highly recomend Heartland B & B Collision Center 875 Plymouth Drive (West of Mavis just South of Britannia) Mississauga, On L5V 2W1.

We Highly Recommend the:

Heartland B & B Collision Center